How do TikTok hashtags work?

As we mentioned above, the For You page is where users aim to land in order to hit the TikTok lottery.

To hack the system, you’re likely to see the following hashtags on content such as #Foryou, #ForYouPage, and #FYP.

Knowing exactly what hashtag is best in terms of optimizing your content for the FYP is still relatively mysterious. Vice highlights that if posts include at least one of these #fyp, #foryou, or #foryoupage hashtags in their captions, their posts are more likely to surface on more For You pages.

Along with the #FYP tactic, we’ve seen people utilize the trending hashtag feature to tap into what’s gaining momentum in real-time.

By tapping the Discover Tab, you can find trending hashtags, as well as typing them out if you want to check a hashtag’s performance.

Looking for the ones that are getting a lot of traction right now? Just look for the fire icons next to the hashtags and think about incorporating that hashtag into your captain, if the content aligns.

TikTok tells you how many views each hashtag gains. These numbers can look intimidating — especially if they’re in the millions — but they also prove that this method works.

Be aware that TikTok internally prioritise some hashtags like  #albumlookalike challenge, #jamsessions, and #learnfromme hashtags, to push viral content.

Be careful of jumping on hashtags that are unrelated to your content — jumping on a hashtag just because it’s trending may seem like a good idea, but if the hashtag is completely unrelated to the content in your video, users may not respond well.

Focus on relatable hashtags that will help people discover your content and inform the TikTok algorithm what your video and your profile is all about!

Factors that Influence the TikTok Algorithm

We can only assume that the TikTok algorithm is always growing, changing, and learning from our behaviour on the app.While there’s no definitive formula for hacking the algorithm, there are a few other factors that we think could be influencing video performance and your follower growth.

How to create and edit good TikTok videos

If you’ve covered your bases with the perfect song, the ideal caption, and the timing of your post, but don’t have a strong video to share it with, does the content still perform? This is perhaps the biggest unknown of the TikTok algorithm.

How to find out when to post on TikTok

Posting content when your audience is most active is a sure way to get your content seen. And, thanks to TikTok’s Pro Accounts, you can tap into some juicy audience analytics.

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