How do TikTok Captions Work?

Unlike the trend of long captions on Instagram and Facebook, TikTok is not where you want to post an essay.

The ideal caption for TikTok should be short, feature hashtags relating back to the content, and be digestible and related to the content you’re sharing.

TikTok is a mobile-first video platform, so keeping copy short and quippy tends to bring better results.

TIP: Want to make your copy most engaging? Consider asking a question, using a joke, or making the copy a little mysterious or something you need to “wait for.”

When it comes to boosting engagement, being able to start and lead a conversation in your comments really pays off. Your video’s top comments will have a prime spot at the top of your comments list, which means you could spark even more conversation as people will notice the comments on your video as they scroll through TikTok.

Factors that Influence the TikTok Algorithm

We can only assume that the TikTok algorithm is always growing, changing, and learning from our behaviour on the app.While there’s no definitive formula for hacking the algorithm, there are a few other factors that we think could be influencing video performance and your follower growth.

How to create and edit good TikTok videos

If you’ve covered your bases with the perfect song, the ideal caption, and the timing of your post, but don’t have a strong video to share it with, does the content still perform? This is perhaps the biggest unknown of the TikTok algorithm.

How to find out when to post on TikTok

Posting content when your audience is most active is a sure way to get your content seen. And, thanks to TikTok’s Pro Accounts, you can tap into some juicy audience analytics.

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